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3D Printer Project #001 - 3D Printable Work Bench Kit

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Hello, we are MAKERS DEVELOPMENT GROUP and this is our 3D print project #001 the MDG Work Bench Kit. This kit is designed specifically for creating an easy to build 3D printer workbench, print farm bench or 3D printer workstation. All you have to do is 3D print the brackets and source the lumber at your local store.

Please visit for 3D printable STL files.

The concept is simple:

1. Print the brackets

2. Cut common wood 2X4 to the desired length

3. Add a ¾” thick MDF or Birch plywood top and bottom

4. Add an optional middle shelf

5. Add the peg board and top strip

The 3D printed brackets make is easy to line up the 2X4’s and have countersink holes for assembly using #10 wood / construction screws. You can make any size workbench length, width or height you require. The only change necessary is to adjust the length of cut on the 2x4’s and top / bottom.


2X4 Stud – White Wood or Yellow Pine (as required)

¾” MDF or Birch Plywood (as required)

Recommended 3D Printer Filament Material

Foot Notes:

MDG 3D print projects are made available from funding by our online store for 3d printer upgrades, your donations and our affiliate links. If you like our designs and find them useful, we kindly ask you support us by one of these methods.


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