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  • Can I use the MDG DUAL-X Linear rail upgrade with the OEM Creality wheels on the Z-axis?
    Yes! The MDG DUAL-X linear rail kits can be used with the OEM wheels on the Z-axis.
  • What print speeds can I achieve with the MDG DUAL-X, DUAL-Y & DUAL-Z linear rail upgrades?"
    DISCLAIMER: The statement below is no promise or guarantee. . Your mileage may vary. This is a difficult question to answer because a lot depends on your setup. Proper installation and setup of the linear rail kits makes a big difference on quality and speed. At MDG we are currently printing parts for our kits with the following settings: Travel Speed: 180-240 mm/s Infill Speed: 80-120 mm/s Perimeters: 40-80 mm/s
  • Why should I upgrade to linear rails?
    Short answer: Reliability, Repeatability and Precision Reliability: The main advantage of linear rails is reliability. Linear rails do a very good job at constraining motion and limiting deflections. They will take longer in the initial setup to get everything installed, positioned, trammed, and mounted but ounce they are dialed in you can expect 24/7/365 printing with almost zero maintenance. Not to mention bed leveling is a thing of the past, we just run solid spacers and a touch probe on our production machines. Repeatability: With linear rails installed you have essentially eliminated wear out of your 3D printer you can print part after part, batch after batch with no change in part quality. Precision: At MDG we print functional parts with 0.4 mm and 0.6 mm nozzle size so we haven't really tested the precision with ultra-fine nozzles but we suspect there will be improvements in precision as well. The highest precision we tested was 0.1mm layer Benchy with a 0.4 mm nozzle and well it looked flawless.
  • What brand linear rails come with the kits?
    For our kits we offer several options for linear rails depending on your budget and quality requirements. Options are below: No rails For this option, the kit will not include linear rails. This is for customers who wish to source their own linear rails. Standard Rails These are basic linear rails and include non-branded linear rails of international origin. Rails are stainless steel and carriages are black in color.
  • What brand linear rails do you recommend?
    If you opt to go with no linear rails included in your kit and you want the best money can buy get Hiwin MG series, if you can afford them. Worth every penny.
  • What filiment do you use for your printed parts?
    All filiment for our product is manufactured by 3DXTECH MDG X-AXIS TIMING BELT CLAMP - Carbon Fiber PETG All other printed parts - PETG Pre-order CR-10 kits will ship with Carbon Fiber PLA
  • What is MDG's extruder of choice?
    Hands down, Slice Engineering Mosquito
  • What is MDG's logo?
    4 layers of carbon fiber ply in the 0, 45, -45 and 90 degree orientation.
  • Will MDG ship to countries outside the US or Canada?
    MDG will make international sales on a case by case basis. Please contact us and provide your address in the submission and we will respond promptly.
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