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Hello, we are MAKERS DEVELOPMENT GROUP and this is our upgrade project designed specifically for the Ender 3 PRO,  Ender 3 V2 model 3D printers.  For other Ender 3 models please see our compatibility matrix.


Why upgrade the Ender 3? What are the goals of this Project:


First, is to maximize the print reliability, print quality and print speed by upgrading the linear motion system on the X, Y and Z axis and eliminating issues associated with roller wheel wear and tensioning.


Second is to upgrade to dual-Z stepper motors.

Third to upgrade to a geared extruder.

And lastly to install a BIGTREETECH SKR MINI E3 V2.0 and provide a firmware configuration to maximize the MDG upgrades.


Simply put, we wanted to make one of the most popular consumer 3D printers even better.





The MDG linear rail upgrades utilize both 3D printed and professional CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum parts.

Below is an overview of each upgrade for converting your ENDER 3 into an MDG Edition.




The MDG ENDER 3 DUAL X-Axis linear rail upgrade  has the following key features:

  • CNC machined pockets for mounting and aligning the linear rails - machined pockets provide easy mounting and alignment of linear rails and are machined to HIWIN dimensional specifications.

  • Linear rail or roller wheel Z - The MDG linear rail plate allows for two (2) types of Z-axis linear motion including roller wheels and MGNH linear rails. Allowing the use of roller wheels on the Z-axis can allow for a step-by-step upgrade approach to spread the project costs over time.

  • Shoulder Screw For Belt Idler Pivot - standard screws are less then ideal for belt idler pivots.  MDG kits feature precision ground shoulder screws and shims.  This eliminates lateral translation of the idler bearings. 

  • Tool Base and Extruder Mount System - MDG dual linear rail kits feature two (2) plates on the X-axis gantry.  The lower plate called the "Tool Base" is mounted to the linear rails and secures the GT2 Belt.  The second plate is the "Extruder / Hotend mount" or just the extruder mount for short.  This system allow easy swapping / removal of the extruder without effecting belt tensioning or rail alignment. 

  • Direct Drive Extruder Mounts - All MDG extruder mounts are direct drive with short, constrained filament paths.  MDG mounts are available for the more popular extruders and hotends.  If you don't see the combination of your choice please send us an email request.  Released mounts for the Ender 3 include:

    BONDTECH BMG Mirror / Slice Copperhead, Groove Mount 
    BONDTECH BMG Mirror / E3D V6 
    BONDTECH BMG Mirror / Micro-Swiss 
    E3D TITAN Mirror / Micro-Swiss
    CREALITY / Micro-Swiss

  • 5015 Centrifugal Blower Upgrade - all MDG direct drive mounts for the Ender 3 include a mounting location for a single 5015 centrifugal blower.  This significantly improves print cooling over the small OEM fan.  If you select the option to add a fan, MDG will include a high static pressure, high flow, 24V brushless motor 5015 Centrifugal Blower with ball bearings.  This isn't you  your average blower.

  • Universal Mounting for the ultimate 3D printing enthusiast - The MDG X-axis linear rail kits can be used on your custom printer design.  The MDG X-AXIS DUAL LINEAR RAIL PLATE, 300 MM can be used on any custom Cartesian motion 3D printer build that uses 2040 aluminum extrusion uprights that have an outside-edge to outside-edge dimension of 330mm. 


DUAL Y-Axis Linear Rail Upgrade with Solid Bed Spacers


The MDG DUAL-Y LINEAR RAIL KIT, ENDER 3 mounts dual linear rail to the Y-axis on ENDER 3 PRO / ENDER 3 V2 3D printers. This upgrade features two (2) 350 mm MGNR12 style linear rails with two (2) H style linear rail carriages and the MDG DUAL-Y linear rail mount set.

The MDG DUAL-Y LINEAR RAIL KIT, ENDER 3 has the following key features:

  • CNC Machined rail mounts - far superior to printed mounts.  Significantly stiffer and don't soften or creep with temperature.  Perfect for printing in an enclosure.

  • Even Weight Distribution - use of dual liner rails on the Y-axis allow for evenly distributed weight on each linear rail.  This lends to reduced rail wear as there is no cantilevered load trying to "twist" the rail carriage.

  • Easy Installation - the kit can be installed without removing tension from the Y-axis drive belt or detaching the belt from the bed sled.

  • 12MM Linear rails - overkill for an Ender 3?  Sure, but why not? 

For the best 3D printing experience, we recommend using the MDG SOLID BED LEVEL SPACER SET in conjunction with a bed leveling probe such as the BL Touch.

DUAL Z-Axis Linear Rail Upgrade


The MDG DUAL-Z LINEAR RAIL KIT, ENDER 3 mounts dual linear rails on the Z-axis and features an upper and lower alignment block to ensure the rails are properly spaced and parallel.  This upgrade is compatible with 3rd party dual Z stepper motor kits.  If upgrading to a dual Z stepper motor go here for the kit tested and recommended by MDG.     



The MDG ENDER 3 upgrades are compatible with both the ENDER 3 PRO and ENDER 3 V2.  


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