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Hello, we are MAKERS DEVELOPMENT GROUP and this is our upgrade project designed specifically for the CR-10, CR-10 V2 and CR-10 V3 model 3D printers. 

Why upgrade the CR-10? What is the goal of this Project:


The goal of this project is to maximize the print reliability, print quality and print speed by upgrading the linear motion system on the X, Y and Z axis and eliminating issues associated with roller wheel wear and tensioning. Linear rails offer high rigidity, high precision and very low friction. 


The MDG upgrades incorporate DUAL linear rails on the X, Y, and Z axis. DUAL linear rails offer exceptional rigidity, repeatability and are great for heated chambers. 



After completion of the MDG CR-10 project, your print speed will no longer be limited by the linear motion system, but rather be limited by the extruder.  With the OEM CR-10V3 extruder we have seen under extrusion develop at around 220 to 240 mm/s.  The print speeds below represent what is comfortably achievable.




Below is an overview of each upgrade for converting your CR-10 V2 / CR-10 V3 in an MDG Edition.



The MDG CR-10 DUAL X-Axis linear rail upgrade significantly increases the stiffness and weight carrying / load bearing capacity of the X-axis. The MDG dual X-axis linear rail upgrade features two (2) 400 mm linear rails secured to the MDG 400 MM Linear Rail Plate. The linear rail carriages are secured to the MDG CR-10 Tool base. The tool base has the GT2 timing belt clamp mounted to the back side while the MDG CR-10 V2 / V3 hotend mount is secured to the topside.




The MDG X-AXIS DUAL LINEAR RAIL PLATE, 400 MM, CR-10 is professionally CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hardcoat anodized. Key features include CNC machine pockets for mounting and aligning the linear rails. These CNC machined pockets provide easy mounting and alignment of the MGNH linear rails and are machined to HIWIN specifications as outlined in their catalog. The MDG linear rail plate allows for two (2) types of Z-axis linear motion including roller wheels and MGNH linear rails. Allowing the use of roller wheels on the Z-axis can allow for a step-by-step upgrade approach to spread the project costs over time.

MDG's tool base design allows for easy mounting of your extruder / hotend of choice. The MDG Tool base features ground and hardened locating pins and magnets make for quick and easy alignment when mounting a new extruder / hotend combo.

MDG has mounts available for:


e3D Hemera

e3D V6 - BMG

e3D V6 - TITAN

Slice Engineering Copperhead - BMG

Slice Engineering Copperhead - TITAN

Micro Swiss - TITAN

Phaetus Dragonfly BMO - BMG

Phaetus Dragonfly BMO - TITAN

Phaetus Dragonfly BMS - TITAN

OEM V3 Creality Hotend - TITAN

Mounts for the following are in the works:

Slice Engineering Mosquito


If your favorite is not listed above please contact us and make a request.

The MDG Hemera mount is for securing an E3D Hemera to the MDG CR-10 V2/V3 Tool base and features DUAL 5015 blowers for print cooling and an integrated BL Touch probe mount.  

BMG E3D V6 MOUNT, CR-10 V3.png

The MDG Copperhead mount is for securing an Slice Engineering Copperhead to the MDG CR-10 V2/V3 Tool base and features DUAL 5015 blowers for print cooling and an integrated BL Touch probe mount.  


DUAL Y-Axis Linear Rail Upgrade with Solid Bed Spacers


The MDG DUAL-Y LINEAR RAIL KIT, CR-10 provides a dual linear rail Y-axis upgrade for the CR-10 V2 / CR-10 V3 3D printers. This upgrade features two (2) 450 mm MGNR12 style linear rails with four (4) H style linear rail carriages and the MDG DUAL-Y linear rail mount set.

The MDG DUAL-Y LINEAR RAIL MOUNT SET, CR-10 secures the OEM CR-10 V2 / V3 print bed plate to the linear rail carriages and is easy to install. Linear rail alignment can be easily accomplished by downloading and printing the MDG MGN12 Linear Rail 2040 Alignment Clamps. Since the MDG linear rail mounts are made of CNC machined aluminum they are prefect for printing inside an enclosure as they won’t deflect, deform or soften inside a heated chamber.


For the best 3D printing experience, we recommend using the MDG SOLID BED LEVEL SPACER SET in conjunction with a bed leveling probe such as the BL Touch.

DUAL Z-Axis Linear Rail Upgrade

The MDG DUAL-Z LINEAR RAIL KIT, CR-10 is for upgrading the CREALITY CR-10 V2 / CR-10 V3 with DUAL-Z linear rails. Dual linear rails on the Z-axis offer superior accuracy and precision.


The MDG Dual Z-axis linear rail upgrade features an upper and lower alignment block to ensure the rails are properly spaced and parallel. The lower alignment block also serves to true up perpendicularity of the Z-axis uprights. The Z rail carriages mount directly to the back of the MDG DUAL-X LINEAR PLATE, 400MM, CR-10.



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