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? phunyguy: if you have the choice and can afford to do so, it is a lot of fun. can be a bit time consuming but very rewarding. Theresa, that is true, but I am not willing to invest that much time, mostly due to not having an income right now. tyeudrik: i don't use unity, i use lxde aight ill go with lxde then there are a lot of programs i use i used to have an office suite and desktop publishing program on my tablet but now i have nothing.... i am looking at mirabu. does it support pdf? theresa: why are you having trouble with your office suite? i was told that scribus doesn't support it but i can't find a way to verify that. theresa: no idea, i use openoffice tyeudrik: no i just want to use my tablet as an office tablet. k but my tablet does not support office docs. tyeudrik: no because of the DRM... hmm, i have no idea then Theresa, you want to use your tablet as a tablet, not an office tablet. yup, you are right. just need a way to fill it up with content. I can't say that i have ever had trouble with office suites. Libreoffice and openoffice are more or less the same. and i want to make presentations but i want to save for the widescreen my tablet has a hard drive in it... and i am a terrible photographer. theresa: dia is very useful, is open source yup i do have a 16GB ssd theresa:



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